Tabs Suck.

As a paradigm, tabs work for well for inexperienced users, they provide a simple visual representation that's easy to follow. However, users often spend several frustrating minutes combing through tabs to find what they looking for. To get beyond this point, and do some real work, you need something more powerful.

Enjoy your tab search.

What is a Powerful Tool?

Before we discuss what that tool is, let's define what makes a tool better (in this context):

Next: Instant Switch Tabs

Instead of using a tab bar, Next uses a smart list of tabs. What does this mean? This means switching to any tab is as easy as typing any part of the title.

No matter how many tabs you open, jumping to any of them takes the exact same amount of time- none at all. No more tab hunting, no more scaling pains.

Let's look at a side by side between Next and a traditional tab based browser. This example compares the task of looking through a list of tabs to find 'sawfish'.

Finding sawfish in Next

Next does the work for you, ask it a question and it will find Sawfish

Finding sawfish in a traditional browser

A Traditional browser makes you do the work of finding your tabs.


Traditional browsers make you do the work. They show you a bunch of tabs and say 'here, find what you need'. Next flips this idea on its head and instead asks you, 'what do you need? let me get it for you!' This is a much more powerful pattern of gathering information, it scales beautifully and helps you get work done.

Get Started with Next-browser:

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